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Mmuurr @ Home Made Music Festival
La Jungle @ Home Made Music Festival
It It Anita @ Home Made Music Festival
Mr Marcaille @ Magasin 4
Spelterini @ La Bulle Cafe
Papier Tigre @ Magasin 4
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We're closed until the 3rd August. You can anyway still order records but we'll take them in charge once we're back !
Website updated !
New records will be soon added to our website
It looks like we've updated our website with lots of new records !
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Here you’ll find the labels we distribute in Benelux. You can find them at the Mail Order section as many other labels. We also distribute auto-production, CD-R, books and Videos related to music, feel free to get in touch about it. If you feel concerned by our work and want to be distributed, please contact us at info (

List of Labels distributed by Mandaï Distribution :


Country Website
213 Records France
A Tant Rêver du Roi France
A Tree in a Field Records Switzerland
Aagoo Records Italy
Ache Records Canada
AcidSoxx Music UK
Acracia Prod. - Mandaï Exclusivity France
African Tape! France
Aggregate Music USA
Ailimitada Production France
Alt.Vynil UK
Alternate Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Denmark
Amanita Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Anchor Brain USA
Antée Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
Antena Krzyku Poland
Arbouserecording UK
Aredje - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
Ascenceur Emotionnel France
Au Bois Dormant Belgium
AudioMobile prods Poland
Audiosphere Belgium
Bar La Muerte - Mandaï Exclusivity Italy
Belligeranza / KML Recordings Italy
Besides Records Belgium
Black Basset Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
Black Canyon USA
Black Labs UK
Blackballed Records USA
Block Bunker Records Belgium
Box Records - Mandaï Exclusivity UK
Breakolage Records France
Camera Obscura Belgium
Castle Strange Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Chaoscampaign Records France
Cheap Satanism Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
Chitah ! Chitah ! - Mandaï Exclusivity USA
Chuck Beat Records USA
Cien Fuegos Austria
Comfortzone Austria
Complete Control Productions Sweden
Conrad Sounds Norway
Crucial Blast Records USA
Cuneiform Records - Mandaï Exclusivity USA
D.N. Records Ltd.
D'Autres Cordes France
Dear.Deer.Records Belgium
Decca Record Company
Distile Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Dora Dorovitch - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Dry Lungs Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Austria
Dur et Doux France
Effervescence France
Emolution Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Erneuerter Prozess Germany
Evenstilte France
FF HHH - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
Fil Noir Belgium
Fratto9 Under the Sky - Mandaï Exclusivity Italy
FromSCRATCHrecords - Mandaï Exclusivity Italy
Frozen Reeds Finland
Fuzz Recordings - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
Gaffer Records France
Gasoline Boost Records Germany
Gaw! Bastards Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
Geska Records Canada
Gilgongo Records USA
Glorious Alchemical Co. USA
Go Johnny Go Records USA
God Records Austria
Golden Delicious records France
GPS Prods France
GSL Records USA
Halolalune Production Belgium
Harvest Recordings USA
Head Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Heart On Fire Belgium
Hello Sir Records - Mandaï Exclusivity USA
Hello Square Recordings Australia
Hi Science Records USA
Honest House - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
Hopscotch Records US
Horse Arm - Mandaï Exclusivity UK
Hound Dog Records France
Hyphen Records Belgium
Hysm? Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Italy
Ideal USA
Idiosyncratics Belgium
Implied Sound USA
Ini.itu Belgium
Interstellar Records Italy
Interzone Belgium
Invaders Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Switzerland
Jambalaya France
Jaune Orange Rec. Belgium
Jazzcore Inc. Italy
Karate Body Records - Mandaï Exclusivity USA
Keben Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Kitty Play Records USA
Kythibong Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
L'R de rien - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
La Face Cachée France
La Fiera dell Odio Italy
Labil Germany
Lausanne Records Switzerland
Le Beau Label Belgium /
Le Kit Corporation France
Lemming Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Italy
Les Albums Claus - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
Les Disques de Plomb - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Lexi Disques Belgium
Load USA
Long Song Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Italy
Lovepump United USA
Magia Roja Spain /
Makkum Records The Nederlands
Mayo Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Messiah Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Minority Records Czech Republic
Misanthropic Agenda USA
Mister Records USA
MNOAD Belgium
Modern City Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Monopsone Records France
Monotremata Records USA
Moonlee Records Sovenia / Croatia
Morningrise Records Belgium
Natural Selection Records - Mandaï Exclusivity USA
Navalorama Records Belgium
No Record Belgium
No Sides Records - Mandaï Exclusivity USA
Noise Digger - Mandaï Exclusivity France
None Records Belgium
Oblique Excitement Prod. France
Off Records Belgium
Offset - Mandaï Exclusivity Italy
Okraïna Belgium /
On the Camper Records Switzerland
Organic France
Origin Park The Netherlands
Overdrive Records Italy
Owl Records US
Pangaea Recordings
Partycul System France
Pendant que les champs brûlent Belgium
Play Records Canada
Press-Press Germany
Prestressed Records Belgium
Psychotica Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Italy
Public Guilt USA
Quatermass Belgium
Ra Sounds - Mandaï Exclusivity USA
Radian Releases Austria
Radical Pigeon Records Belgium
Red F Records France
Redled Records Italy
Rejuvenation Records France
Replica France
Resipiscent USA
Rhinestone Records USA
Riot Season - Mandaï Exclusivity UK
Rock'n'Roll Charity Hospital France
Rockerill Records Belgium
Rocket recordings UK
Ronda-Label France
Ruminance - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Savage Land Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Scratch Records USA
Seahorse Recordings Italy
Sickroom Records USA
Signals - Mandaï Exclusivity Denmark
Silenceless Records Belgium
SK Records - Mandaï Exclusivity France
Skin Graft Records - Mandaï Exclusivity USA
Sleeping Star Italy
Snowdonia Italy
Soundklass Recordings France
Souterrains-Refuges France
Specific France
Spooky Tree Records USA
Standard-In-Fi France
Stiff Slack Records Japan
Sub Rosa Belgium
Subsounds Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Italy
Suiteside Records Italy
Taiga Records USA
Tannen Records Italy
Tenzenmen Australia
Terp Records The Netherlands
The Company with the Golden Arm Germany
Three:Four Records Switzerland
Throne Records France
Toxo records Italy
Transonic - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium
Trips und Traüme Records Italy
Trost Records Austria
Unique Records France
Unsounds - Mandaï Exclusivity The Netherlands
Unsuitable Records - Mandaï Exclusivity The Netherlands
Uproar for Veneration Records France
Urgence Disk Records Switzerland
Vlas Vegas Records Belgium
Vytvornia OM Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Poland
Wallace Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Italy
Watchfoss Records Belgium
White Leave Music Belgium
Whosbrain Records France
X-Mist Records Germany
XHOHX Prods France
Young Girls Records - Mandaï Exclusivity Belgium